XT Series


Screen Features

--High Transparent & Contrast

--Perfect for Fixed Installations

--Easy Installation and Rear Service


Specification Details

Technical SpecificationsProduct Model
Pixel Pitch (mm)XT 3.91--7.8XT3.91--7.8 Plus
Pixel Density (dots / m²)32768
Pixel ColorRGB Full Color
LED Size / ColorSMD 1921
Module Size (mm)500 mm * 125 mm
Module Resolution (dots)128 dots * 32 dots
Refresh Rate (Hz)1920 Hz ~ 3840 Hz
Scan Mode1/16 scan
Brightness (nits)900 ~1200 nits3500 ~ 4500 nits
View Angle140° / 140°
Best Viewing Distance≥ 4 m
Frame Frequency (Hz)60 Hz
Working Voltage (V)220 V / 110 V ~ 220 V
Power Consumption Max/Avg (W/m²)480 W / 172 W758 W / 250 W
IP GradeIP31
Life Span100000 hours

Transparent LED Display



LED transparent screen is a new

type of transparent LED display

with transparent display, simple

application, intelligent control,

high brightness and energy saving.     


The LED transparent screen

transforms the glass window,

glass curtain wall and indoor large

space with advertising value in the

urban commercial environment into

an Internet commercial medium with

visual impact, fast and accurate

drainage, and more practical

advertising value, and maintains the

original position. The appearance

and permeability.                



The number of existing commercial shopping malls is nearly 4,000, and the number of commercial shopping malls in the next ten years is more than 10,000; about 700,000 physical merchants are covered;                


At present, there are about 70,000 outdoor advertising operators in China, and nearly 10,000 new media advertising sites, with a market size of 51.66 billion yuan;                


In the next five years, the number of new media advertising sites will be optimized to grow by more than 20,000, and the market size will reach 120 billion yuan.                

Market value: Turning glass into an advertising medium to develop more and more valuable advertising spots




Ordinary glass wall                



Glass curtain wall after installing 

LED transparent screen                

Market value: unique visual impact, enhance outdoor advertising attention and goodwill, improve arrival rate and conversion rate;




Ordinary glass wall                

Glass curtain wall after installing LED                 

transparent screen                


 Glass window    Glass curtain wallIndoor hallStage dance beautyExhibition  Commercial plazaSightseeingGlass path

Five product series

 KTM series  KTR series  KTS series  KTPOSTER series  KTDORIC series    

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