XTV Series


Screen Features

--16:9 Cabinet, More Visual Enjoyment.

--Deeper Black, Higher Contrast & Gray Scale.

--Much Closer View Distance with Better Clearer Display.


Specification Details

Technical specificationProduct Model
Pixel Pitch (mm)XTV 1.25 IndoorXTV 1.56 Indoor
Pixel Density (dots / m²)640000
Pixel ColorRGB Full Color
LED Size / ColorSMD 1010
Module Size (mm)200 mm * 168.75 mm
Module Resolution (dots)160 dots * 135 dots
128 dots * 108 dotd

Refresh Rate (Hz)

3840 Hz
Scan Mode1/27 Scan
1/30 Scan

Brightness (nits)

900 ~1200 nits
View Angle140° / 140°
Best Viewing Distance≥ 1 m≥ 1.5 m
Frame Frequency (Hz)60 Hz
Working Voltage (V)220 V / 110 V ~ 220 V

Power Consumption Max/Avg (W/m²)

480 W / 172 W338 W / 102 W
IP GradeIP31
Life Span100000 hours

Small Pitch LED Display

Multi-functional connector, fast and easy Smart connectors, set connections and slot trimming are all in one, all for the convenience of customers



Energy-saving Higher heat dissipation panel processing technology, natural  heat dissipation, no fan, zero noise at work, longer life 

Original centralized power supply design, low loss, high conversion rate
Low light and high gray, the picture is more delicate High-quality black 

LED light with black mask, contrast ratio up to 3000:1, making the picture clearer and brigh


Ultra-HD perfect picture quality, exclusive visual feast 

Extremely high resolution brings a delicate display effect, and it is a beautiful embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology.  

The display can be arbitrarily sized, spliced in any direction, multi-spec video source is optional, easy to achieve FHD, 4K large screen  FULL HD4 K

Ingenious, design is unique in the industry, perfect Blending bionics, design aesthetics, ergonomics


Our Advantages:

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