Tuen Mun District is one of the 18 administrative districts in Hong Kong and one of Hong Kong's most populous residential areas. Qingshan Bay in the south of Tuen Mun District was reclaimed in the 1970s and developed into a new town in Tuen Mun along with the surrounding coast.

      Recently, our company successfully installed an indoor LED display in the Tuen Mun District of Hong Kong, and it has been tested and can be used normally. It adds a touch of color to the classic commercial case of our company. Xin Caichen's quality and service have won the favor and recognition of users.

     Xin Caichen adheres to the enterprise spirit of “Quality is the root and service is the foundation”. It has always been based on the needs of customers, and is anxious for customers and wants customers to think.

     The indoor LED display products provided by Xin Cai Chen Technology Co., Ltd., low heat, low noise, low radiation, can also be embedded inside the wall, allowing you to enjoy a flat view. And the thickness of the installation is only 8cm, which not only brings a stylish and simple appearance, but also allows the display screen to fit the wall surface to achieve the effect of streamlining the space.

     Nowadays, the fast-developing information society also makes LED display applications have broad prospects in various fields. Different types of LED displays with different performances emerge in an endless stream, and LED displays are constantly being developed to meet the needs of different industries. At present, the LED display has been scattered all over the streets.

     The advantages of Xin Caichen indoor LED display are mainly reflected in the phenomenon of no particles and mosaics, and the saturation of the color is relatively high, and the color display is more uniform. After lighting, the picture is clear and natural, the display is flicker-free, and the picture display is good. And, the most important point is that Xin Caichen indoor full-color LED display is fully automated, which can not only perform single-lamp maintenance, but also effectively extend the life of the display. The indoor full-color LED display is cost-effective. . Xin Caichen LED display is applied to all aspects of social life due to its high quality and high cost performance.

     Shenzhen Xincai Chen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of LED full-color display. The company has established a complete product quality system and after-sales service network. Professional company. Choose indoor LED display, create every scene wonderful, just find Xin Caichen!

Starcolor indoor full color LED display successfully lighted Hong Kong
Created date: 2019-07-12