After the “golden development period” of the domestic LED display industry in the past few years, the entire industry has officially entered the era of low profit, the net profit of the products has fallen sharply, the growth rate of corporate profits has slowed down, and the LED display industry has officially entered the products, brands and prices. An important period of full-scale outbreaks. At this critical juncture, the young and bold and forward-thinking Shenzhen Xincai Chen Technology Co., Ltd. gradually realized the importance of differentiated competition, and in the process of continuous cognition and exploration, clarified the positioning and poor optimization advantages of the company. , in combination with market demand, successfully achieved the leap-forward development of enterprises. Today, we have the honor to interview Li Weineng, the deputy general manager of Xin Caichen, to share with us the mystery of the development of Xin Caichen's differentiation.

Xin Caichen: Innovation is the soul, go to the fine on the road of product differentiation
Created date: 2019-07-12